Partner with the fastest-growing Enterprise Legal Management Company to deliver the highest legal technology for Legal Fraternity.

Referral Partner

Help Legal/IT Departments and Law Firm automate their practices while reaping gains from PracticeLeague Partner Program. This Program is an absolute fit if you interact with Lawyers, Law Firm or Legal/IT Departments of Enterprises. Even existing PracticeLeague subscribers can become referral partners and benefit from this program.

The simplest way to partner with PracticeLeague is by introducing PracticeLeague to lawyers or in-house legal departments. When they subscribe to our product, you become eligible for a one-time bonus which is equivalent to 15% of the total license fees paid by the lead in the first year, minus any taxes and expenses for implementation, travel, and customisations.

Become a Refferal Partner

Certified Sales Program

If you have a good knowledge of PracticeLeague products and understand the legal profession very well, you are then eligible to become a PracticeLeague Certified Sales Partner. All you need to do is submit three successful leads. Moreover, after signing up 3 clients as a Certified Sales Partner, you become eligible for our Gold Certified Consultant Program.

The one-time commission would be equivalent to 25% of the total amount paid by the client in the first year minus any taxes and expenses for implementation, travel, and customisations.

It's a great way to grow your business and add an exciting new product to your portfolio that will give you the tools to build a stronger relationship with your existing clients.

Become a Refferal Partner

Why PracticeLeague

PracticeLeague is one of the leading Legal Technology solutions provider in India with international presence. We are one of the first companies to offer a completely integrated ecosystem of more than 11 products that cater to different & unique requirements of the legal industry. We work with some of the largest Law Firm and Enterprises in the region and offer an exhaustive Platform of ready to implement cloud solutions for legal professionals. With PracticeLeague, you will always have something new to offer to your clients.

PracticeLeague products are customisable and many product features are enhanced based on suggestions received from our partners.


  • One of the first companies to provide completely integrated solutions for both Law Firm & In-house Law Departments
  • Proven, saleable, feature loaded and practical solutions
  • Competitive pricing with high & recurring commissions
  • Collaborative approach and sales support from PracticeLeague

Why Legal Department

The Legal Industry is highly document/data centric and date driven. Unfortunately, this traditionally requires a lot of manual work on the part of lawyers to not only meet the increasing business expectations but to also take critical decisions that impact all concerned parties.

Hence, the need and scope of New Law Technology has grown many folds in the past few years. However, it's still a relatively newer market and offers tremendous opportunities to current solution providers.


  • The role of Legal Departments have expanded in businesses creating wider opportunity for Legal Technology implementation
  • Business automation for efficiency is the demand of the market
  • PracticeLeague products are easily saleable
  • Relatively untapped market

Additional Benefits?

Individuals and businesses who are already working with legal professionals can not only get referral bonuses, but can grow their existing consultancies and businesses by offering support services to PracticeLeague clients.

For example: Product Implementation & Support, Training, Data Extraction & Migration, Process Engineering, Infrastructure & Systems and much more.

We also share new inbound inquiries and leads with our local Gold Certified Consultants to help them grow. Moreover, our Gold Partners also receive training support, new updates and new product launch information every quarter.


  • Grow your existing business by providing complementary services in addition to PracticeLeague products
  • Get introduced to PracticeLeague clients to offer support and other services
  • As a Gold Certified Consultant, you receive new leads from us to increase your revenue
  • Become a leader in the Legal Technology sales

Sharpen your competitive edge and boost your bottom line

We are expanding our partner eco-system and appreciate partners who understand the need of Legal Technology and has the experience in offering best solutions.