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3 Ways Legal Departments Can Automate Their Work To Save More Time

by PracticeLeague

Time is money and as much of it you can save, the better. Legal matters can be long and tedious, with hours of manual work to be done, having certain functions automated can be a great boon and can help save a lot of precious time and reduce errors. Here’s how legal departments can save time and make work easier!

Contract Automation

Contracts are a major part of any legal department, so automating them can seriously cut down on time. Contract Lifecycle Management software can automatically generate contracts for you, where drafting even a 500 page contract is possible with minimum effort from your side.

You can automate your easily templates and build a standard clause library. By just filling out a short questionnaire, you can initiate management approvals, capture comments, record audit trail, generate instant contracts, manage contract versions, store email discussions and negotiations and many other features within a matter of minutes.

Tracking Court Updates

Managing litigations is another big responsibility of Legal Departments. Legal Matter Management solutions can allow you to track Notices, Litigations, Court Dates, Contingent Liability, Budgets, Lawyer Fees and other Expenses, Generate MIS and other key reports and much more.

Alerts And Notifications

With a number of appointments, court dates, task deadlines, contract renewals and other dates lined up, it’s difficult to remember each and every event. Legal Matter Management softwares can ensure that your calendar is neatly synced and you receive alerts and notifications for all the events, in advance.

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