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6 Benefits Of Using A Litigation Management Software

by PracticeLeague

Litigation Management Softwares have been created as a way to help assemble and automate all the work related to different cases going on in the legal department. Its main functions include managing notices/litigations, court dates, calendaring, related documents, managing and validating legal budget, expenses and lawyer fees, docketing, case database, contact management, generating on-demand reports & MIS.

While many legal departments have been slow to adopt this technology, the trends are slowly changing. If you’re considering a Litigation Management Software, then here are the top 6 benefits of using one.

1. Managing Dates

Every legal professional knows how important deadlines are in their line of work. With multiple lawsuits to handle, no lawyer can try and remember every important date pertaining to their case.

Litigation Management Software can help in managing these important court dates and sets automated reminders in advance. Not only do you receive reminders in emails, but you can also sync your Outlook and other calendars with the same.

2. Organizing data

Lawyers need a lot of information at hand, when handling any litigation. They need to know their dates, deadlines, case brief, previous hearing details, and other notes at hand. They have all of this with them, but do they have it all in one place?

Litigation Management Software allows users to keep all of this important information in one centralized place, which can be accessed instantly, from case information to details of each previous court date, case synopsis, prayers, etc. All this information is readily available with a click of a button.

3. Legal expenditure

Normally, lawyers manually feed received invoices into a payments system for clearing. However, it becomes difficult to validate invoices due to the lack of information related to previous payments, arrangements with external lawyers, and the correlation between invoiced dates and actual dates of hearing. Moreover, many other internal expenses, including court fees, travel, etc. may not be documented accurately. This leads to allocation of incorrect budget, hours of manual labor to quantify budget v/s actual spends or to provide for new budget or to choose the right course of action for each matter.

With Litigation Management Software in place, recording, and validating all expenses becomes very easy. You can get ready reports for budgets, spends, contingent liability schedule, aging, etc. and take the correct next step for each matter. This will not only help you save hours and hours but also reduce any errors and guide you with ready reports and in-depth analytics.

4. Better communication

You never want to miss out on any new notices or depend on others to get you the information you need. Litigation Management software can help you bridge the gap between legal and other departments. Business teams can instantly send you the new notices received anywhere across the globe or contact you for any request.

Moreover, you can share important information, documents, notes, reports, etc. with other legal users to ensure minimum dependency and maximum time utilization.

5. Retrieving documents

When it comes to organizing a case, lawyers usually need to start collecting all the information from various sources. Legacy systems that typically have notes and contracts in a folder, or pleadings and briefs in a file, e-mails in your e-mail system, can be replaced with modern technology platform.

Litigation Management Software allows users to keep all of these documents in one centralized place, which can be accessed instantly, from notices to replies, appeals, pleadings, orders, related judgments, other research material, important e-mails, etc. All these files and documents can be neatly stored within the matter and can be accessed from any location to help lawyers.

6. Working mobile

Most Litigation Management Software are available online, which means you have all your litigation and case files with you, as long as you have a device and internet. You can take your work with you wherever you go and don’t have to miss out on deadlines or important information again since it is always at the tip of your fingers!

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