How Can Corporate Counsel Benefit From Matter Management Software?

by PracticeLeague

Matter Management Softwares come as a boon to corporate counsel and have made the task of handling corporate legal matters much more successful and efficient. Eliminating the need to complete these tasks manually has taken away the need for long, tedious hours of work that may be erroneous.

Find out how a Matter Management Software can benefit you:

Track all matters

A Matter Management Software allows you to keep track of all the matters that your firm is currently handling and provides an overview as well as a detailed tracking system that allows more visibility into what is going on. With this, you wouldn’t miss deadlines and will know exactly which stage in its lifecycle the matter is.

Easier billing

Track your legal spend more effectively and have a more streamlined approach when it comes to creating budgets with a Matter Management Software. Not only will you have the power to automate creating invoices, but can also automatically track time spent on cases and also analyze and examine previous budgeting to create a better one for the future.

Managing documents

Every matter comes along with a number of important documents and having access to these at any given time is necessary. Engagement letters, court filings, corporate agreements, NDAs and contracts all need to be stored in a single location for easy finding by not just one lawyer in the firm, but all of them.

To know more about Matter Management Softwares, read about PracticeLeague’s solutions and find out how we can help your firm!

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