Business Continuity Plan During COVID-19

How to Ensure Business Continuity for Legal Departments in the Face of the COVID-19 Outbreak?

by PracticeLeague

April 2020

The Coronavirus outbreak has wreaked disruption on businesses all over the world with economic woes befalling both the business community and society at large. All businesses have been hit hard by mandatory closures and now safety measures required to slowdown the spread of the coronavirus.

As Coronavirus COVID-19 spreads, the legal industry shifts into crisis management mode too. The biggest worry that business leaders are currently facing is “How to ensure the safety of their employees while ensuring business continuity?”.

The present scenarios indicate the need for Business Continuity Plan during a pandemic crisis.

What is Business Continuity Planning for Legal?

Business Continuity Planning aims to drive business by formulating the strategies to optimally facilitate communications in a quickly changing business environment to minimize disruption of legal operations and to support the potential changes to your workforce.

The Business Continuity Plan can be an important tool for ensuring that legal services are preserved during and through the incident that causes business disruption, like the coronavirus pandemic.

The Continuity Plan has the following mechanism:

  • 1. Evolve a Pandemic Response Structure
  • 2. Establish Alternative Work Arrangements
  • 3. Establish a Pandemic Communications Program
  • 4. Review Pandemic Plans & Identify Gaps in Response
  • 5. Set up Extensive Safety Protocols

How Legal Technology ensures the success of the Business Continuity Plan during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

When traditional channels and operations are impacted by the outbreak, the value of legal technology, digital channels, and remote work infrastructure becomes immediate imperative. It is more important than ever for General Counsels to ensure the Contract Management, Compliance & Risk Management and Matter & Case Management are in sync with legal technology. Moreover, Legal Technology also empowers legal ops teams to continue their operations efficiently in a seamless environment.

Undoubtedly this crisis is a wake-up call to legal departments who still have not adopted Legal Technology.

During uncertain times, General Counsels look for solutions that deliver them more control, visibility, and agility for the complete legal operations of the department. Moreover, they also have a motive to maximize the contribution of legal in business functioning to become a strategic partner in the organization.

Advanced legal technology like Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) not only ensures the success of Continuity Plan for Legal Ops but also anticipates and identifies risk proactively, which makes businesses more agile and in a better position to manage crises.

“PracticeLeague offers a unified and integrated modern legal technology ecosystem that automates and streamlines the complete legal operations. Adopted by several legal departments across the globe, this secure Enterprise Legal Management is designed to enable seamless collaboration across business entities, stakeholders & technology systems to boost efficiency, visibility & control.”

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