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How does Legal Document Management Help you to Maintain Productivity in a Virtual Environment?
by PracticeLeague

July 2020

Virtual Environment

Digital transformation in law is possibly one of the biggest game-changers for the legal profession in the 21st century. Until a couple of years back, managing vast chunk of information, documents, and resources was an elaborate mechanism for law firms, especially since they have had to deal with the diverse client base and multitudinous areas of practice.

The coming into the practice of best Legal Document Management systems enabled a unified, integrated platform for managing records and information for an efficient law firm practice. It worked particularly well for medium-sized and big law firms offering an efficient, cost-effective solution for record-keeping and managing files and documents. The present times of COVID19 have seen a manifold increase in the reliance on legal technology tools to ensure the smooth running of their legal practice.

Combining capabilities of AI and Cloud-based Solutions

Legal Document Management platforms are bundled with proprietary AI platforms and cloud-based offerings where users can track, trace, retrieve the documents in an instant. With teams collaborating virtually, the ability to access documents or case-related information is particularly useful, when:

  • Virtual court hearings are in progress. The need to have access to records and information for managing multiple legal documents is a necessity.
  • Non-performance or changes in the contractual obligations may require modification to the existing ones. Retrieving contracts for in-house legal document management system and necessary documents offer scope for prompt negotiations and modifications.
  • Where courts have mandated compulsory e-filing of cases and reports, cloud-based document management platforms ease the process.
  • Alternative dispute resolutions and mediation proceedings may require lawyers to have timely access to related information and documents. With a built-in organizational system for documents, collaboration and sharing this is easier.
  • One can share and collaborate on documents with clients, external counsels, and all other stakeholders for legal files document management systems.
Legal Document Management Help you to Maintain Productivity in a Virtual Environment

Bespoke solutions for Law Firms operating remotely

Typically, law firms store hundreds of terabytes of information in the form of documents, contracts, agreements, knowledge, and resources. The efficient management of these resources and records by leveraging technology and tools is critical to meet deadlines, standardize processes during the present times of virtual transactions and explains how to create ai for legal document management. In a nutshell, it conserves time and energy, saves costs, and offers a better delivery system.

During times where dispersed teams work in individual capabilities, and remote working has become the need of the hour, seamless access to information and control over uploaded documents makes it easier for lawyers to collaborate on work. To explain a little further on what is legal document management, it creates an efficient system for users to virtually view files, remote access, annotate, manage, and track digital documents without any hassles. Now, this explains how and why PracticeLeague’s Legal Document Management is of relevance in the virtual environment for lawyers in law firms and legal departments in general who wants to capitalize on their capabilities and core competencies.

End-to-end collaboration

Optimizing your document management processes for your law firm largely depends on the areas of practice and how document-intensive it is. With built-in features and in-built intuitive abilities, Legal Document Management eliminates operations hassles of unstructured information and haphazard document storage.

  • Tagging and profiling of documents create categorization of files, indexing of data for emails, contacts, and every material uploaded creates for organized document system.
  • Enabling search capabilities based on keywords can convert these documents into readable text documents.
  • Safe and secure cloud-sharing of confidential files and documents with the teams offers for a sophisticated, modern practice platform.
  • Execution of contracts made easy with e-signatures and e-franking.

Mindful investment in the right Legal Document Management has enabled access, sharing, and collaborating with your office documents efficiently no matter where you are. Having a system now, is ensuring that you are well on your way to digitize your office documents and enable the transition from legacy to cloud-based solutions. An active ingredient for the legal ecosystem in the making!

“PracticeLeague offers a unified and an integrated modern legal technology ecosystem that automates and streamlines the complete legal operations. Adopted by several legal departments across the globe, this secure Enterprise Legal Management is designed to enable seamless collaboration across business entities, stakeholders & technology systems to boost efficiency, visibility & control.”

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