Litigation Support Management Software

by PracticeLeague

Modern litigation is a document intensive and time critical business. Litigators have to continuously search through documents for relevant information and facts, review case documents, evidence and so on. Court date appearance and hearings need to be tracked for each client and court. Manually, this can be a cumbersome and time consuming task.

Technology can immensely help litigators to become more efficient, accurate and productive in these tasks. Litigation support or litigation management software enable lawyers to review documents, search databases , search and review discovery evidence and materials from deposition transcripts and produced documents, and correspondence with the clients. Alerts and reminders for upcoming court dates enable the litigators to prepare and plan for each appearance.

Litigation software will have the following capabilities:

Bullet Case Calendering and Case Diary
Bullet Alerts and Reminders
Bullet Review previously stored documents of a variety of formats such as PDF, TIFF/Load file or Native file format (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
Bullet Produce legal documents and forms easily
Bullet Organize case information and documents, dockets and schedules and users, as you need them
Bullet Update the court hearings instantly over your mobile device or tablet pc.
Bullet Instantly send the court updates to your clients and automatically generate the appearance fee note.

Invest in smart technology. PracticeLeague Litigation software improves the productivity and profitability of your litigation operations. PracticeLeague Litigation Management software is enabled with mobile technology so that you are liberated from having to work from your office and your desktop. Implement this ready litigation software that is made especially for lawyers and law firms. Uberall Case Management Litigation Software is one such ready tool which can be implemented immediately without the hassles of any Hardware or related IT infrastructure.

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