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Matter Management Collaboration Tools Proving Essential For Remote Work
by PracticeLeague

September 2020

Virtual Environment

The global pandemic has necessitated in-house counsels to operate remotely and away from their work desks. In this scenario, access to relevant documents, case papers, case laws, and reference material may not necessarily be at the fingertips. As most in-house counsels agree, this is a "daunting and challenging task" in the present scenario requiring a nuanced approach to address the situation. Collaborating with external counsels and paralegals and, yet, making a progression so far as litigation and other legal matters are concerned, is a challenge met with the use of proper technology.

It goes without saying that while the current pandemic has pronounced the need to adopt matter management tools, there is also a definite need to choose time-bound solutions for effective legal operations even for the 'future perspective.'

First: Having a robust Matter and Case Management Platform in place

The primary step is to have a robust platform in place. Having complete access to documents and relevant information, including emails, communication, contracts, and other case-related information on a single-touch point translates to substantial progress made in this regard. For legal departments, a comprehensive legal matter management tool should be able to address organizational and operational challenges.

An answer to the three 'C '

There has been an ongoing transformation in the legal landscape owing to the changing economic, regulatory, technology, and commercial demands for over a decade now. The pandemic has only accelerated the impact. What remains central to teams is the need to communicate and collaborate, while the management and GC’s should be able to control what is going on within the organization.

In ensuring all these three aspects of operational challenges met, GC's have a pivotal role to play in ensuring seamless workflow processes within teams and with external stakeholders. Access to documents, contracts, court cases and litigation matters, a central repository for information is the need of the hour.

RazorCube by PracticeLeague is just about this; a playbook for litigation and court-related matters. It gives clear visibility to all the regulatory, statutory, and compliance requirements while also fill the gaps to mitigate risks. With courts and tribunals operating virtually, deploying tools to monitor litigation, case status, etc., has become indispensable with matter management software legal solutions:

to-initiate-action   to initiate action   
to ensure a smooth workflow   to ensure a smooth workflow

Second: Implementation and driving outcome

Successful implementation involves thorough due diligence and scope keeping in mind the challenging areas. By melding the technology, legal and strategy capabilities, legal technology companies aim to up-task the role of lawyers and align them with the business demands. Therefore, a matter management tool should be able to streamline all/relevant information organizing relevant information, files, documents, email communication, organize legal advice, and prepare for trial preparation. The platform is a comprehensive solution to organize case files, track case status, follow deadlines, schedule tasks, and collaborate with counsel and legal support personnel

Having a matter management software for legal departments has proven to be a useful tool for organizing and managing the case and matter-related information. Notably, the transition to the cloud offers a safe and secure means to organize case files and access information from anywhere or any device. Besides, it also provides a host of other solutions, including:

A reliable platform for storage and access of documents
Enhanced features for workflow management and email integration that makes for what is a great collaborative tool
Broader integration for all enterprise solutions by leveraging on reporting and analytical solutions
End-to-end matter management
collaboration tools including matter-specific email-tagging, invoice approvals, notice managements
Increased responsiveness from teams, management and other stakeholders including budget and resource allocation solutions for remote operations in an environment where lawyers have to access information from anywhere

The Bigger Picture: Significant benefits of cloud computing for matter management

From the functionality standpoint, several embedded features for efficient case management gives the in-house counsels better control over workflow:

Access and control from all/any location
Reminders, alerts, and notifications make for easy access
Compliance check-list to initiate timely action on non-complying items
Automated on-demand reports, MIS, analytics for internal review purpose
A live status dashboard and easy-to-use interface that supports legal operations

Enabling legal departments with the technology platform for matter management is more than just a necessity for the present times. While most industry leaders agree that the ongoing changes may drive the transition for the legal sector, technology will continue to be instrumental for the difference. The transition to the cloud has increased responsiveness and turn-around time, while also enabling teams to access information remotely. It is also a level playing ground for investors, stakeholders, management, and internal teams to collaborate, control, and track the significant developments in their respective legal departments.

“PracticeLeague offers a unified and an integrated modern legal technology ecosystem that automates and streamlines the complete legal operations. Adopted by several legal departments across the globe, this secure Enterprise Legal Management is designed to enable seamless collaboration across business entities, stakeholders & technology systems to boost efficiency, visibility & control.”

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