Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Design Management Software

by PracticeLeague

In today's global business environment, with smaller product life cyles, businesses are continually investing in developing new products and services. Innovation has become one the key drivers of business success and a source of competitive advantage.Through innovations and intensive research and development activies, businesses are able to build, enhance and define their business value. These innovations when patented or trademarked are company assts that need to be protected against infringements as well as theft. A globalised business environment exposes businesses even more to infringment of patents, trademarks, copyrights and designs, and ultimately the erosion of value.

Thus management of patents, copywrights, trademarks and intellectual property has become a one of major areas of corporate governance. Protecting and managing Intellectual Property assets has become one of the key thrust areas of business survival and growth.

IP management involves managing patent/copyright/trademark and design portfolios, being upto date with current status including renewals, foreign filings, assignments etc including IP details, trademark or patent attorney details, deadlines as well as records of all the communications.It involves managing applications right from pre-filing to renewals, inckuding docketing, document assembly, opposition management and related deadlines pertaining to patents, copywrights, trademarks and designs.

Clearly, this is no easy task and spread sheets and simple databases do not provide you with the power to deal with the complexities of IP management in today's business world.

IP management calls for complex capabilities in information, communication and process management. These can be acquired by the effective deployment of information technology tools and IT based frameworks for managing and streamlining the IP management practice. Performances and productivity can be dramatically improved by using these tools.

A good IP management software tool will have the following features:

Bullet Centralized Matter Management
Centralized matter database enables you to create, view and track all IP Matters including Patents, Trademarks, Design and copyright across domestic filings, foreign filings and oppositions/litigations.
Bullet Docket Manager
Users can view date reminders, due dates and final dates for all Patent or Trademark Office related events across all applications for different filing types including domestic filing, national phase applications, foreign filings, etc.
Bullet Annuity Manager
The annuity manager triggers review and approval process at a pre-determined schedule.
Bullet Document Assembly/Template manager
Enables you to manage all PTO/TMO/Client communication through the powerful templates/document production module.
Bullet Invoicing Automation
Invoicing module enables the user to register PTO/TMO official fees and law firm disbursements, time and fees for various activities done for an IP asset.
Bullet Analytics
Provides as the Standard Reports with predefined layout, such as Portfolio Lists, Filing details, Case Summary, Work in Progress, assignment details, stage-wise pending applications, Applications by matter type etc.

PracticeLeague IP Management solution is a Web based, fully secure and ready to use tool for your IP Managment Uberall Law IP Solution has been designed to deliver higher productivity, lower costs and improved client satisfaction for IP law firms and Corporate Legal Departments. It provides advanced docketing for patents and trademarks with configurable deadlines and built-in document/forms management. At its core, Uberall IP solution works like a virtual assistant to the IP department. It manages all IP matters centrally,keeps track of deadlines, fee payments for applications and annuities, and sends reminders to the IP team at a predefined schedule.

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