PracticeLeague delivers consistent performance on Client Satisfaction 2021
“PracticeLeague delivers consistent performance on
client satisfaction, 92% score
in the client satisfaction survey”

PracticeLeague is a globally recognized legal technology platform empowering organisations by transforming their legal operations for maximum efficiency, better visibility, and more control. With an integrated product suite of Contract Lifecycle Management, Matter & Case Management, Corporate Compliance & Entity Management, Legal Spend & E-Billing, IP Portfolio Management, we help corporate legal departments become a strategic partner in the organization. We are also present in the business of empowering law firms with our Practice Management Suite which offers legal business solutions that enhance agility within law firms.

It has always been our endeavour to provide the best of service to our clients, and ensure their satisfaction in terms of the core product quality, its features and functionalities, the user interface, ease of use of the application, the performance & speed, and uptime & availability - the key aspects which ensure regular high-quality service to customers. This is backed by our efforts to provide excellent customer support as well, with a constant effort to improve ourselves for the better.

Uptime and availability
Customer support
User interface and ease of use
Performance and speed
Features and functionality
Product quality

We believe the above has helped us further improve our consistent service delivery to our customers. We are delighted to share with you all the latest satisfaction survey results on the above parameters.

About PracticeLeague

PracticeLeague Legaltech is an organization that is revolutionising the connect between business and law, with a legaltech platform that automates the complete legal operations into one integrated system. The platform effortlessly integrates into business systems giving powerful AI-driven analytical insights, based on a secure blockchain based framework. We provide an intelligent and unified platform for the Enterprise Legal Ecosystem driving digital transformation to the next level. PracticeLeague helps entwine legal efficiency and cost-effectiveness with complex end to end business operations with the sheer power of simplicity, speed and innovation driving today's quintessential competitive edge and the highest standards of corporate ethics.

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