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What Are the Key Challenges For A Legal Department?

by PracticeLeague

The legal department handles multiple areas of legal practice at the same time. In the face of the ever-changing legal ecosystem, in-house counsels face challenges to safeguard the interests of the company as well as abide by the rules and regulatory stipulations from time to time.

Manual tasks and work overload

Having to spend too much time and effort on tedious and time-consuming tasks can make the lawyers in the department feel bogged down and thus experience a lower rate of job satisfaction. This constant manual work that takes long to complete also prohibits lawyers from putting their skills to more important and necessary tasks.

Contract backlog

Every matter will have several contracts, documents, and NDAs that need to be finalized and completed. Since the drafting or vetting of these documents takes a lot of back and forth, it produces a contract backlog if the process to complete these is not smooth and fast-moving. This in-turn leads to longer turnaround times and lower end-user satisfaction.

Missed Court Dates

Lawyers to a certain extent are dependent on external counsels for updates on each matter, and upon receipt, all of this information is recorded unreliable excel sheets or diaries. Many times, updates may be missed, and there are automated notifications that remind lawyers of upcoming court dates.

Lack of visibility

Without the use of centralized control over all the different processes happening in the legal department, there is a lack of visibility that leads the lawyer not to have the correct insight into all the information they need.

Exposure to risks

Due to manual processes, lawyers have low visibility in the matters they are handling are prone to make more mistakes since they are multi-tasking between a number of tough jobs at the same time. This also exposes the company to some different risks since the lawyer may not be able to pay attention to where it is exactly needed.

Keeping track of expenses

Keeping track of legal spend is an especially hard area for legal departments since they need to have an accurate estimate of the amount spent. Since all departments have a budget, having easy to understand forecasts and an automatic and efficient way to calculate the amount is a good idea.

To combat these problems, automating the different processes in the legal department can greatly help in taking the load off the lawyers and instead of providing them the time to take care of things that are very important.

PracticeLeague offers such a comprehensive legal department solution that can help in increasing you in managing your litigations or contracts more efficiently while reducing the turnaround times.

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