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Case Management - What, Why And How

Being into business, having to deal with legal cases is an unavoidable by-product. There will arise many occasions where matters would take on the face of a legal case and demand the attention of either your in-house legal team or external legal officers. Any which way, having help on the legal front is critical for all business institutions.

The modern enterprises mostly have incorporated in-house legal teams or a panel of lawyers to help them out. But as businesses grow, the pressure of this department increases; more is expected of them. Fast disposal of cases, quick raising of expenses, efficient management of case load, and much more.

Such tremendous workload exerts bone-breaking pressure on the legal department making them more vulnerable to committing errors. With limited resources at their disposal, we have often seen lawyers taking care of every work that wasn’t the law itself.

With independent lawyers and law firms continuously in a tussle to gain and retain clients, they are expected to deliver efficient services at lower costs. It is impossible to live-up to these expectations when you are sticking to the old methods of work.

What is Legal Spend Management?

Legal case management or matter management, often refers to handling of litigation cases or legal matters along with other non-legal or administrative processes involved in it. This can include different processes like documentation, spend management, compliances and much more.

Did You Know?

The ABA Legal Technology Survey 2021 found that:

What is A Case Management Software?

A case management software is a digital tool that can be used to take care of 3 main functions :

  • To manage and organize individual cases of clients of the firm or independent attorneys
  • To decrease the pressure on firm’s independent resources and establish better workflows
  • To record and manage spends that a firm incurs while doing its work

A case management software reduces the pressure on your legal team from administrative tasks. It takes care of mundane processes like billing, invoicing, paper tracking, client management and more.

What to Look for in Case Management Software?

With the market picking up stride, there are many options available for case management tool. Picking the right one can be a course altering decision for the firm. But due to numerous options available, making this choice isn’t an effortless task. To pick the right software, you need to have a clear idea of what you need to look for in a case management software.

Here are top 10 pointers of what you should look for in a case management software:

  1. Support : Any new software demands time from its users for learning it. A support team that provides all the required information and guidance is going to be a blessing in this journey. Look at the support systems of the software’s enterprise before you narrow down on one. To evaluate their support, ask them these questions beforehand:
    • Is there an additional cost that I need to give for support?
    • Will I be getting a dedicated support team?
    • The estimated wait time for support to be available?
    • What are the means of contacting the support department?
    • What are the hours of availability of support?

    Our case management software makes sure that your team gets the required support on-the-go.

  2. Costs : Inculcating any new system into an already existing ecosystem is going to come at a cost on your end. Before finalizing any software, evaluating the expense it would have on your resources is a clever step to take. Make sure to have a transparent understanding of all the associated costs of the software. Also have a clear idea of the ROI and the functions you are getting within the cost.
    A case management software that is affordable to your pockets, we promise that your ROI is going to be higher with us.
  3. Service Type : This is a choice between a cloud-based software and a server-based software. The traditional way for lawyers and law firms was on-premises server-based software systems. But the new ways are directing more people towards cloud-based operations. There are several benefits that these new-age systems offer:
    • Ease of accessing information from any location securely. This has tremendously helped employees to access critical information remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic.
    • Reduced costs for maintenance of hardware. The virtual cloud-based systems entirely cut-down the costs of maintain the huge server infrastructure at least by 50%.
    • Automatic upgrades for software save the effort and money spent on manual upgrades.

    Our intelligent case management software is flexible. It gives you the choice to opt for either on-premises service or an entirely cloud-based management. You are free to make this choice based on your requirements.

  4. Usability : A software that feels like a maze is something now firm or person wants to deal with. The ease-of-use is thus one more important factor that you need to look at. If a software that has a trendy interface, but makes you go through 100 clicks to get where you want, is not something you would want to pay for. Getting where you want to without getting lost, is the easiest way to judge a usability of a software. If a software is going to ease the daily tasks like logging in, taking notes, finding information, etc, give it a go.
    With PracticeLeague, you get a software that is intuitive and helps you to stay organized with your work.
  5. Security : Any service over the internet is now under the doubtful eyes for security. Rising data threats and cyber crimes have fuelled the need for having an ecosystem that has a fail-safe. Ask these questions to get an idea of the level of security the software offers:
    • Is the data encrypted?
    • Are third-party audits done regularly to check the systems?
    • Are there well-disturbed data centres to reduce geographic redundancy of servers?

    Our highest priority is always the data security of our clients. We are an ISO certified platform. Read more here about how we take care of your data.

  6. Mobile Access : Majority of the times, your clients would want something to be quickly accessible on your platform. This means that the information or work has to be available across multiple platforms. Mobile accessibility holds the key to this. Your clients or even you, should be able to access your database and work over your phone without any extra pain. Ask to see the mobile version of the case management software.
    Our case management software is available for iOS and Android.
  7. Integrations : Many firms already use their in-built systems. An extra software should not be something that adds more systems to the already existing ones. Thus, integrations must be seamless across your internal systems as well as other platforms. The new software must have cross-platform functionality with your other software.
    PracticeLeague’s software offers integrations with all major platforms like (NAMES), etc
  8. Reviews : What goes on the internet, never dies. Before opting to select a software to add, read what people have to say. Companies usually offer case studies, blogs, solution pages and reports for their products. Visiting their website, checking the google reviews, reading their customer testimonials is a good place to start off. Apart from this, there are review websites for SaaS that offer a side-by-side comparison of similar products with non-biased reviews. Read as much material as you can before hand.
    We believe highly in transparency. Read what has been said about our case management software here.
  9. Features : WA case management software has to give you the ability to manage majority of administrative functions. These can include complex ones like managing the case-wise spend and simple ones like adding or removing a user. Also do a check as to what are the additional features that will add value to your business and the cost you will have to bear for these add-ons. Value for money is what you should solely focus on.
    Check the features of case management software here. You can also avail a demo of our product by booking a discovery call at your preferred time.
  10. Transition : The transition of an entire working ecosystem onto an entirely new platform is one hell of task. There are many stages where a transition can turn into chaos. Make sure that this critical phase is simple and uncomplicated. Ask these questions as primary investigation:
    • Does the cost of the software include the data migration cost?
    • Would you have the necessary guidance available for this throughout the process?
    • What is the preparation, if any, that would be needed at your end to prepare for this migration?

    Our team is committed to make this phase easy for you. If you wish to know more about how we do it, our experts would be more than happy to schedule a discovery call with you.

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