Why Litigation Lawyers Need an Electronic Case Diary

by PracticeLeague

Lawyers don’t have the luxury of just sitting at their desks to do all their work. It is important for them to move around, meet clients and attend court dates among many other activities.

This constant moving around becomes a big problem when the lawyers need some important information and that information can only be accessed at work. Whether you use a non-cloud based legal software or are still working on excel sheets and papers, the need of the hour is a robust system that allows lawyers to take their work with them.

An electronic case diary has been created for this purpose and is an important tool for any lawyer. Here’s how it can help.

Court date reminders on the move

Lawyers often need advanced notifications for upcoming court dates to prepare accordingly. Manual systems lack this important component and hence, most lawyers set separate reminders or make multiple entries in their diaries. However, this is approach is both unreliable and tedious. An electronic case diary can send you automated email notifications and phone alerts for upcoming dates in advance along with the list of activities planned for the specific hearing.

Better visibility and insight

When going into court hearings or client meetings, it is always better to have all the relevant information on you so you can have proper visibility into the case. Using an electronic case diary removes the guesswork from legal work and eliminates the need to carry tons of documents and files.

Anytime, anywhere

Like mentioned earlier, having important information on you at all times is necessary and with an electronic case diary this is possible. As long as you have a device like a smartphone or tablet or even your laptop that can work over an Internet connection, you can access your electronic case diary from anywhere!

Updated at all times

All information on an electronic case diary is updated real-time, which means that if any other lawyer has made changes to the matter’s history or uploaded new documents then you will see this updated information instead of the old one, keeping you in the loop, and not missing out on important information and facts.

PracticeLeague offers a comprehensive electronic case diary that can help lawyers with its various features and allows them to access information anytime, anywhere.

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