A flexible and agile platform to manage
statutory & internal compliances to better manage risk and Corporate Ethics

Corporate Compliance Entity Management Platform Features

Compliance Dashboard

View all Statutory, Regulatory and Internal compliance requirements from the Live Compliance Dashboard. Track progress of all compliances i.e. Completed, Pending or Overdue. Compliances, Corporate Actions, Due Dates and Tasks can be viewed across group Companies, Office and Branch Locations based on the Governing Laws or Severity Types.

Compliance Calendar

Tasks and Compliances for the Day, Week, Month, Quarter and Year are easily made available in a calendar format so that you do not miss any deadline. You and your team can update any Compliance can update the task status with a single click from the calendar. Take timely corrective measures to avoid non-compliances.

Checklist Management

Manage your complete compliance checklist for both, date and event driven compliances. Assign compliances to individuals, teams or departments. Set up due dates, reminders and escalations. Enable review and approve workflow along with document upload capabilities to manage supporting documents and proof of compliance.

Task Management

All the assigned tasks can be easily monitored across your resources, departments and locations. You can easily assign day to day or ad-hoc tasks to your team and even external resources, auditors, law firm and consultants. The system will automatically send reminders before the due dates with escalations in case the task is not completed by the scheduled date. Receive real-alerts for task completion.

Deadline/ Reminders/ Alert Management

With the Laws getting stricter by the day coupled with heavy penalties for missing deadlines, remembering to complete the tasks on time becomes extremely important. With our Alert and Reminder Engine you will never miss another date!

Contract Management

Management of contractual deadlines can be easily done through with this feature and you can easily schedule reminders for key contract review dates with automatic Reminders and Alerts.

Document Management

Store all compliance related documents like checklists, scanned and soft copies of all supporting documents, forms, proofs, filings, etc. Upload, Retrieve and Archive all files in a easy to use and manage centralised library with access control settings.

Contact Management

Managing your Compliance contacts in a central place can be a tedious task. With our integrated contact management system, all your internal and external contacts across all your locations can be stored and retrieved at the click of a button.

Work Flow Manager

The Compliance and Risk Management solution by PracticeLeague provides for excellent coordination and collaboration between your various department and offices including external consultants. For any Compliance task in hand you can easily assign the relevant internal or external contact including external counsels, consultants, etc . You can also set the schedule for the assigned task so that it automatically assigns the relevant task to the assigned contact as per the set schedule.

Internal Audit Management

PracticeLeague's Compliance and Risk Management Solution can also be used to monitor all your internal audit processes and tasks as well. All the scheduled Audit tasks can be centrally monitored for all your locations.

Notices Management

Notices need to be dealt with on priority and PracticeLeague's Compliance Solution has an in-built Notice Management feature to help you track every notice and ensure that the same is assigned to the relevant resources and tracked all across.

Project Management

Setting up new Plants, acquiring new Companies, merging corporate entities, getting listed, etc, are never so easy and with our integrated Project Management tool, you can easily create a project and track all responsibilities and tasks.

Forms Centre

Statutory filing forms and other reusable documents can be automatically prepared from the system. You can also define your own templates for re use. These ready forms and documents can be then shared with external agencies or uploaded to the desired systems.

Risk Assessment

Real-time risk monitor is made available to help you review the penalties and other implications for non-compliance. Penalties are automatically measured based on the Corporate Action so that you get an up-to-date value of the damages.


On-demand Reporting and Real-time Analytics is available at any time for you to monitor and track each and every compliance and tasks across all your Companies. Critical MIS Reports can also be scheduled to be delivered to your inbox automatically.


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