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Enterprise Legal Document Management System Features

Auto creation of workspaces

Client, project or matter-centricity is at the core of Uberall Docs, aggregating all content related to a client/matter and displaying on a single summary or list view page. Additionally, workspace templates can be created depending on different practice areas or workspaces that require a different display of data.

Personalized lists of 'Favorite Docs and 'Recent Docs

Each user can define shortcuts to workspaces, documents, or folders by tagging them as favorites simply by clicking the star next to the item. Once they have been defined as a favorite, they will populate on the user's home page.

Workspace selector to quickly find and access any matter workspace

The search bar allows for a predictive search for workspaces by typing in the beginning letters of the name docs and workspace.

Automatic organization of documents in workspaces based on document type

The workspaces will be automatically organized based on document type filters (containers that function like a dynamic folder, capable of filing to or tagging to). These can be thought of as sub-folders within the folder and workspaces.

Save documents to workspaces with dynamic filters or folders in a workspace

The workspace is organized by document type filters, but you can also create temporary folders within the workspace as well. Folders are irrespective of metadata profile tags.

Easy external document sharing

The sharing of document(S) from Uberall docs is very secure and collaborative with people who are not internal or external users using email services.

Easy to create folders/subfolders on workspaces

A folder is a holding place for documents, regardless of filter or metadata tags. The profiled documents within a folder will not lose attributes and can still be accessed through advanced searches.

View other web site sources within a workspace

A website view can be embedded into the workspace, and displays similar to a profile attribute on the workspace.

Access rights/ethical walls

Define user permission to cabinets, folders, workspaces, and documents. Rights can be defined on a per user bases, by user group, or be tied to the metadata profile fields with profile-based security.

More section to view – recently opened, recently modified and favorite docs & workspaces

More tab is accessible from anywhere in the service and lists the 50 most recent documents for each category that the user interacted with.

Drag and drop in the browser

You can drag and drop a document from your desktop into a folder in Uberall Doc, or into the upload box to be profiled.

Unlimited versions

Users can create unlimited versions of a document. *Note: Only the 'Official version' of the document will be searchable.

Optional auto versioning

Whenever automatic versioning is enabled, a new version is created automatically whenever a different person edits a document.

Lock versions

Keeps the version from being altered. You can also include a description when you lock a version. You cannot unlock or delete a locked version. Administrators of the repository are the only ones who can delete a locked version.

User activity reporting

The Consolidated Activity Log will deliver a date range report to the Admin to show when documents have been opened, viewed, or saved, including IP address. This information is then e-mailed in a excel format.

Document history/audit trail

Automatic document audit trails record activity at a document level showing individuals activities relating to a document in an unalterable, printable, downloadable file. Activities on each individual document include edits, access list changes, profile changes, renaming, deletions, versioning, sharing, editing, viewing, and copying.

Retention policies and purging

Repository administrators can define policies based on defined metadata criteria to initiate a retention policy. When a policy comes due, the repository administrators are notified of a list of documents that meet the retention criteria, allowing for further action of deleting or other possible actions.

Email link or copy of document

The email link feature sends a link to the document that can be accessed by Uberall Docs/other users with the appropriate rights. The email copy will send a link to the document to outside recipients.

Versions can be different file types

The 'Check-out new option allows for adding documents as additional versions of a previous document, regardless of file type.

Separate checkout section

Final all the checked out document in separate section.

Secure document delivery

Share documents with a public and optional password protected URL. This easy one-off collaboration tool also allows for link expiration, original document version locking, and the ability to allow/restrict download rights.

Email notifications and automatic alerts

By following a folder, or document, you can sign up to receive email notifications or an RSS feed when users edit contents, or add documents.

Concurrency control for collaboration with internal and external users

Documents are automatically checked out and locked for editing when an individual with edit rights clicks on a document from the web interface. While check out, other users with access to the document can open and view the document, but cannot make edits until the document is closed and checked-in by the original person who check it out. Administrative override is available to reset the document status.

Advanced search page

Access all accessible search fields, including all customized metadata, created by, date.

Drag and drop to matter folders – Outlook Plugin

Simply choose the email you wish to file in Uberall Docs, and drag it into an Outlook folder that sync with the workspace or folder designated in the repository.

Word plugin

Post your document to Uberall docs while saving the document in word.


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